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Working plein air on Miners Beach

Working en plein air on Miners Beach

The places – Lakes Superior and Michigan in the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It’s a turn of the century barn or an old fishing boat winched ashore.  It’s the sandstone or limestone bedrock worn by ages of ice, water and wind.  It’s a creek tumbling waterfall or quiet marsh, sunny winter days or autumn forests ablaze.

The images I interpret represent the ten thousand things of our universe.  Each of them call me to somehow record and share their fleeting but everlasting stories with others.

Art takes us to a different place and time of our choosing, if only briefly.  My mind wanders through a moving collage of images, the quickly passing moment of the present captured in paint on canvas lasting perhaps a few hundred years.

My paintings are a window to the world, scenes passed slowly on a walk, out a car window or on a swift motorcycle, eventually resulting in the slowly burning fire of expression.

Working on "Turtle Pad"

Working on “Turtle Pad”

I retired from the National Park Service in early 2013, having served for 25 years as the Chief of Heritage Education at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  This life event has provided me the opportunity to spend more time creating art. 

I work primarily in oils and am interested in the landscape of the Upper Peninsula, the effect people have had on this place and vice versa.  I try to convey the many stories that this landscape offers, if we only take the time to see them.  I also work in watercolor, pen & ink, and pencil.

In addition to my easel work, I am available for a variety of graphic design and interpretive projects including publication design, wayside exhibits, interpretive writing and illustration.  In 1992 I was awarded the Midwest Region of the National Park Service Freeman Tilden award for exhibit design.

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