Most artists are influenced by other – sometimes many other artists, and I am no exception.  The list is long, but the following people have influenced my work over the years.

Canada’s Group of Seven

Tom Thompson died before the Group of Seven was formed, yet he contributed greatly to their spirit of adventure and style of painting.  Most of his work was done in the field and represents some of the best of Ontario’s wild country which is now Algonquin Park.

TT_Poplars_bya_Lake_1916     TT_Larry_Dickson's_Cabin_1917

A.Y. Jackson

Jackson’s work is very distinctive in that he rounds and distorts much of his subject matter.  I like it a lot.  He painted a lot in Quebec, Ontario, and later British Columbia.  He was instrumental in the creation of Canada’s national and provincial parks.

      AYJ_Night_Pine_Island_1924     AYJ_Streambed_Lake_Superior_Country_1955

Lawren Harris

Lawren was heir to the Massey-Harris tractor fortune and was the “father” of the Group of Seven.  I particularly like his earlier works, but as his style matured, he moved to a much more abstract way of expressing himself.

LH_The_Corner_Store     LH_Silent_Land_1920

Franklin Carmichael

FC_Snow_Clouds_1938     FC_St_Antoine_1924_FC

J.E.H. McDonald

pu-abo-med-rgt      JEH-MacDonald-The-Little-Falls-Sketch-1918

Frank Johnston

“Franz” as he called himself, worked a lot in gouache.  He only exhibited with the Group of Seven once, but I still like his work and the media gives it a different look than the others in the group.

FJ_Montreal_River_FJ    johnston-berry-patch

A.J. Casson

46_1.gif     6a014e890086ee970d017c3257a7d7970b-800wi

Camille Pissaro

4-the-road-from-versalles-to-saint-germain-at-louveciennes-1872-Camille-Pissarro     pissaro21

Claude Monet

11painting2-650     4_monet_A

Gustave Caillebotte

0_c299c_e531c5b9_XXXL     the-briard-plain

Isaak Levitan

mountain-lake     moon

Rockwell Kent

Kent was not only an artist, but also a sailor and explorer, often taking his art materials along with him.  We were able to visit his museum in Plattsburg, NY a few years back and were able to see many of his larger works up close.  He also worked extensively in woodcuts, ink, and had a line of pottery that bore his images.

rockwell_kent_xx_snow_fields_winteru_in_the_berkshires_1909     CARNCLAND

Alfred Sisley

sevres     flood

Frank Benson

lilly-pond-1923-benson     Calm Morning

John Singer Sargent

John-Singer-Sargent-xx-Above-Lake-Garda-at-San-Vigilio-xx-Private-collection     John Singer Sargent55

Frederick W. Remington

Remington’s museum was also a stop on the way to New Hampshire a couple of years ago.  It is a tremendous collection of his paintings, illustrations, and bronzes.  It’s incredible that late in his career, he piled a bunch of his paintings out on the ice near his island retreat and burned them all.  Oh what a loss!


Georgia O’Keeffe

We have been fortunate to see several of Georgia’s paintings in the last few years.  Her Kachina paintings at a Phoenix exhibition were really interesting.  I hope one day to visit her museum in Santa Fe.

16.O'Keeffe.Ram's Head BL Morning Glory     Georgia_OKeeffe

Thomas Hart Benton

Another Missourian!  Benton’s murals and paintings are well known for their stylistic approach, recording everyday life in the Midwest.

5am70     After_the_Storm_1952_-_os_23x31

Charles M. Russell

Charley left his boyhood home of St. Louis at the age of 14 and never looked back.  His sketches and paintings were inspired by real events.  Most of his work focuses on the plains and intermountain west before it was “civilized.”  His work records life as he saw it in the 1880’s – scenes that are largely gone and never to return.

charles-russell-self-portrait-pg-reproductions     four-mounted-indians-1914     charles-marion-russell-bronc-to-breakfast

Charles W. Schwartz

Charley was the principle illustrator for the Missouri Conservationist magazine in the 1960’s and ’70’s.  He was a master at pencil and ink sketches, and focused on animals native to my home state.  His illustrations grace many books, but perhaps most importantly, one edition of A Sand County Almanac.  As a kid, he was my favorite artist.  My hat is off to him!

mo79duck     g09453art02

E. Martin Hennings

hennings-indians in sage     1991.205.11_1a

Philip R. Goodwin

Philip_R__Goodwin_-_The_Pack_Train     PhilipGoodwinCanoe

Edward Hopper

hopper_uptons     Edward-Hopper-1882-1967-Back-of-the-Freight-Station

Winslow Homer

Homer_Claude_Monet_Painting_by_the_Edge_of_A_Wood     Homer_Camp_Fire

 …to name just a few.

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