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12 MAR 18

A few years back I drove between Grand Marais and Munising through the Kingston Plains.  Along the way I stopped to photograph several wetlands covered in snow.  Today I completed the painting of the wetland as a wedding present for Nick and Rachel.  Wishing you guys many great years together!  At this scale you might not see how the raven is hassling a snowy owl on the far side of the pond.

“Early Warning”
22″ x 28″ oil/canvas

01 MAR 18

A couple of days ago, I completed Au Train Beach Path, a 10″ x 16″ oil on board painting.  Once I got into it, I couldn’t stop till it was finished!  There is just something about the color of Lake Superior.  Leslies mother in law Diana took the photo from which I worked.  They bought a cabin in Au Train last fall and the beach is only a mile or so away.  Hopefully they will come visit frequently!

17 JAN 18

For years I’ve passed an old Ford Model T sitting in a yard as I drive through Trenary.  The other day on the way to Munising to ski, the snow was perfect and the house next to the car appeared to be empty.  So we stopped and I took a few photos.  I began the painting yesterday and it’s coming along nicely.  There is just something about old barns and old cars.  Guess it’s the nostalgia associated with being over 60 years old.  Below are a couple of in-progress photos.  Complete!   Enjoy!

07 NOV 17

Mimi and I volunteer at Northern Sun Winery during harvest season and during the summer music concert series.  This summer, the concerts were plagued by rain – we once had to tie the canopy tent to a vehicle to keep it from blowing over.  BUT – after the rain, this beautiful scene unfolded with intense colors of the barn backed by retreating storm clouds.  I just had to paint this scene!  Here are a couple of progress images…and the near final.  This painting was accepted for the current Northern Exposure show at the Bonifas Fine Arts Center in Escanaba…AND was awarded a purchase prize by the Escanaba Chamber of Commerce.

 26 SEP 17

Completed the commission for Folias – friends Andrew and Carmen, to be used on some of their published music.  Really enjoyed the challenge of the sepia tone color family.  These two create some fabulous music, and I am honored to have done two paintings for them in the last couple of years.  Keep playing and composing and I’ll keep painting!

Andrew among Ponderosas

Andrew among Ponderosas
12″ x 12″ oil on board

09 FEB 17

“Ski Trail Shadows” (32″ x 21″ oil on canvas) is complete!  Maybe a few tweaks, but mostly done. I had a lot of fun painting it…so good to get back in the groove.  But what does it evoke?  What do people think when they see it?  Snow and shadows – the yin and yang of the world – sun and shadows, cold air and warm sun, light and dark – the duality of life.  The juxtaposition, the contrast.

Ski Trail Shadows
32″ x 21″ oil on canvas
$300, (prints available)

17 JAN 17

Mimi’s niece Laura was married to David last year and we had promised them a painting to celebrate their wedding.  Since they had gotten engaged at a spectacular waterfall in Iceland, I thought that scene would be appropriate for a gift.  Soooo…after many months, I finally completed the painting, framed it, and sent it off to Washington D.C.

Skogafoss Waterfall
11″ x 17″ oil on panel

23 FEB 15

Mimi and I rode motorcycles to Grand Marais a couple of autumns ago and stopped at the Hurricane River for wine, sausage, and cheese and crackers.  I took some reference photos along the creek as I love that place, particularly in the fall.  I recently completed “Hurricane River Log Jam,” a 12″ x 18″ oil on panel.  Enjoy!

"Hurricane River Log Jam" 12" x 18" oil/panel available $300

“Hurricane River Log Jam”
12″ x 18″ oil/panel
(prints available)

12 FEB 15

Last July, I was able to join the Inland Seas Education Association science cruise on Little Bay de Noc.  It was a great afternoon of learning for the 30 or so passengers.  Like most people, I was taken with the ship, S/V Inland Seas, a 77 foot steel schooner.  A local photographer, John McDonough, took a great photo of the ship while in port and I discovered it on their website.  Though I normally only use my own photographs as painting subjects, John’s image really spoke to me.  The painting is now complete after many hours of work.  It’s been a nice challenge to get the reflections just right on this beautiful craft.

Schooner Inland Seas 22" x 34" oil on canvas $700

Schooner Inland Seas
22″ x 34″ oil/canvas
(prints available)

28 JAN 15

We have enjoyed volunteering at the Northern Sun Winery in Bark River where we helped pick grapes for this year’s harvest in October.  I took numerous reference photos in September and October to be able to paint some of their award winning grapes.  The Marquette Red and La Crescent White are two of our favorites as depicted in the following paintings.  If you get a chance to visit Dave and Susie Anthony at their winery, take a bottle or two of their wonderful varieties home.  Salut!

Northern Sun Rise 9" x 13" oil/board SOLD (prints available)

Northern Sun Rise
9″ x 13″ oil/board
(prints available)

La Crescent Grapes Northern Sun Winery 12" x 16" oil on board available - $300

La Crescent Gold
Northern Sun Winery
12″ x 16″ oil/board
(prints available)

Marquette Red Grapes
Northern Sun Winery
12″ x 16″ oil on board
available – $150

08 NOV 14

In August, we spent an afternoon aboard the Coaster II, the 53′ sloop built in 1933 on the East Coast.  Captain Niko and his Mate Thanos treated us to a wonderful sail out of Marquette.  This painting was recently completed to capture the moment of sun, sails and wind with my gal and some special friends.

Fair Winds, Coaster II 22" X 34" oil/canvas $700 (prints available)

Fair Winds, Coaster II
22″ X 34″ oil/canvas
(prints available)

06 MAR 14

It’s been a LONG winter, so thought I’d paint a piece that reminded me of warmer times.  “Portage Point – Summer Day” is an 18″ x 28″ oil on canvas.  We walk Monty, the blind dog down by Ludington Park on Lake Michigan.  This scene is looking south toward Minneapolis Shoal Light.  Enjoy!

"Portage Point - Summer Day" 18" x 28" oil / canvas $600

“Portage Point – Summer Day”
18″ x 28″ oil/canvas
(prints available)

02 MAR 14  

On a very cold day last week, we ventured out on the ice near Escanaba’s Gallagher docks on Little Bay de Noc to see a couple of lakers layed up till shipping resumes.  It was a blustery day with wind, clouds, and brilliant sunset.  Above is the painting in a continuing series depicting working boats on the Great Lakes.

Two Lakers - Red, White and Cold 24" x 30" oil on canvas$600 (prints available)

Two Lakers – Red, White and Cold
24″ x 30″ oil/canvas
(prints available)

19 JAN 14

Last fall, I took a short motorcycle ride to Fairport on the Garden Peninsula.  At a lonely crossroad, an old creamery stands abandoned.  Once run by the Zehrens family, I am looking for historic photos of the place.  On the north side of the building, a lone window evoked thoughts of the past and the sometimes fleeting nature of U.P. communities.

Garden Creamery 15" X 20" Oil on Baltic birch

Garden Creamery
15″ X 20″ oil/panel
(prints available)

Working on the Garden Creamery

Working on the Garden Creamery

03 JAN 14

Completed a painting for Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron of “Folias”, a very talented flute and guitar duo from Grand Rapids.  Their music is incredible.  Happy 2014 to you guys.  This painting is the new CD cover!

Big Bend Vista 10" X 16" Oil on board

Big Bend Vista
10″ X 16″ oil/board

Maret/Bergeron in Big Bend National Park 10" X 16" Oil on board

Maret/Bergeron in Big Bend National Park

20 DEC 13

Daughter Leslie mentioned her interest in a painting of a red fox, similar to the one that raided our chickens when she was younger.  We called him “Reynard.”  “Can do” I said, and here is the result.  She loves the painting!

Christmas Fox

Christmas Fox
10″ X 16″ oil/board

28 OCT 13

In the summer of 2012, Mimi and I rode motorcycles to New Hampshire through Ontario.  On the way, she took some photos of water lilies, one of which has recently become a painting.  Other recent paintings are shown as well – also from Mimi’s photos.  Enjoy!

Mimi's Lily 141/2" x 18" Oil on board (Print available)

Mimi’s Lily
141/2″ x 18″ oil/board
(Prints available)

Turtle Pad 14" x 20" Oil on board Available framed - $500

Turtle Pad
14″ x 20″ oil/board
(Prints available)

Two Boats 12" x 12" Oil on canvas Available framed - $400 (print available)

Two Boats
12″ x 12″ oil/canvas
(Prints available)














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